The Tribe

THE TRIBE is the feature debut of Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy. The movie debuted in Cannes' Critics Week in 2014, and was distributed almost everywhere in the world. We at Boddah felt the urge to show this important movie to Hungarian audiences, so in 2016 we approached the director and the film's distributor Alpha Violet. 

The Hungarian distribution started in April 2016 in only two cinemas, but we are able to build on the hype it generated and the movie is now a success in its limited release. 

Balaton Method

The first movie Boddah distributed was the first feature film we produced: Balaton Method.

After our premiere at Akvárium (March 6th 2015), we had our theatrical release starting March 26th in 4 cinemas in Budapest. By the end of the year, we registered 8000+ admissions, making it the most successful Hungarian documentary of 2015.

With the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund, we were able to organize screenings across the country, even beyond our borders, as well as school screenings with various guests attending. 

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