Marcell worked on the pilot of hit HBO series Euphoria. He shot several other episode's from the first season. He won 'Best TV Pilot' at Camerimage festival 2019.


Marcell worked on this HBO Telefilm starring Al Pacino, with director of Rainman and Good Morning Vietnam, Barry Levinson. 

Balaton Method

This documentary journey, which explores the landscape surrounding Hungary’s largest lake and its recreational resorts, includes live concert footage of eighteen local bands – well-established names and newcomers to the music scene alike.

Their performances, including the participation of a hundred other musicians, are recorded at various times of day in diverse locations, ranging from harbours and hotel balconies to churches, helping to create a portrait of the distinctive atmosphere at each of the sites.

Here I Am

Viktor wanders around the city. He's looking for something interesting to happen. Along his search, he meets various friends and strangers. 

Short film made in 2010 by Bálint Szimler in his third year of film school. This was the first film in which creators of Boddah all worked together. It won best short film at the Hungarian Film Festival, premiered in Cannes - Cinefondation, and was nominated for best short film by the European Film Academy.


Songs of the Land

The documentary series SONGS OF THE LAND follows the ventures of a young musician scouting for folk music at the original sources in remote corners of the world, while also revealing the people behind the tunes.

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